Pray for Ukraine

Prayers for Ukraine (From Give Him 15 2.25.22)

we ask for Your mercy to be manifested for the people in Ukraine and
the Baltic States. We ask You to cause alliances and actions that
will minimize violence and destruction. We pray that evil doers will
be exposed and judged for their wickedness. We ask You to cause them
to be hung on their own gallows. We pray that those who don’t know
You will come to know You through the difficult times they
experience. Bring revival to eastern Europe.

pray for our government to make wise decisions. Cause them to think
clearly. May they not fall into the traps and strategies of evil
leaders. Give NATO leaders wise strategies and sound decisions.

believe You will somehow use all of this to bring forth the great
harvest You’re planning. Amp it up quickly, we pray. Redeeming God,
bring a tidal wave of glory into the earth. We ask for this in
Christ’s name. Amen.


decree that evil will ultimately fail, love will win.